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We start with US-grown, organic, non-GMO soybeans.  After soaking and cooking the beans and partially drying them, we inoculate them with rhizopus oligosporus starter culture.  During a 24 hour incubation, the rhizopus culture envelops the beans, binding them into a cake that can be cooked quickly and enzymatically transforming their nutritional profile. 

Because of its fermentation, tempeh is renowned as a highly digestible food; its culture makes its proteins and vitamins far more easily absorbed by humans.  The process develops umami flavors and a pleasant texture for your enjoyment.

We think our tempeh has superior flavor to anything out there. It is fresh, very flavorful and nutritious. The earthiness and depth of flavor provides a satisfying gustatory experience. Whether you've never tasted tempeh before, are familiar with supermarket tempehs, or have experienced really good fresh tempeh, we're confident that your first taste of rhizocali tempeh will be a pleasant surprise.