Hello Friends!

Do you want to eat rhizocali's Buffalo Tempeh Bites at your neighborhood Bar or Pizzeria?

Are you willing to tell them so?

Tempeh is a product that many food businesses in the Bay Area are unfamiliar with. Knowing that their loyal customers like a “new” food and will purchase it if it's on their menu is a big help to restaurants and bars in making the decision to take on the work and risk of adding a menu item.

If you have a favorite place you eat and drink that you wish would serve Buffalo Tempeh Bites, you can help us make it happen by letting them know.


At the Vegan Super Bowl Sunday we'll have an info flyer you can bring to businesses that might like to sell this dish. We think it'll be a positive asset to their business, and if they're interested, we'll bring them samples to taste and tempeh to try out at their kitchens.


And we though you might enjoy a lightweight insulated grocery bag with the rhizocali logo, the same ones we use on deliveries, to keep your tempeh and other frozen goods cold for hours.

Thank you so much for your support!

-Bessie and Melissa, rhizocali Tempeh