fresh, organic tempeh made in Oakland

rhizocali tempeh is a delicious, easily digestible vegan protein that can be cooked in all your favorite recipes.




The process of making tempeh, developed in Indonesia, enzymatically transforms soybeans. Tempeh remains a whole food, with a rich fiber content, unlike the intensive chemical and mechanical isolation processing common to many soy products.  

The result of this fermentation is the development of nutty, savory, mushroomy flavor perfection. So while tempeh's hearty texture stands up to the most vivid seasonings, it is also delicious simply prepared.

Our Tempeh

We think our tempeh has superior flavor to anything out there. It is fresh, very flavorful and nutritious. 

Where to find us

Find rhizocali in restaurants, caterers, and grocery stores throughout the Bay Area.  Ask your favorite place to cook or carry our tempeh!


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